My Book Live 2TB Ext Drive-Solid Blue Lite-Periodic White flash

This is a Home External Network 2TB drive about 6 years old. Connected to a router - windows 7 OS desktop. Working perfectly yesterday. My symptoms now -Public\MyBookLive network path not found with a red X thru the drive. At the drive/router:

  • I have a solid blue light on the front of the WD drive that doesn’t turn green. I get a periodic white light then goes back to solid blue. Here’s how it matches with the back of the drive lights:
  • On the back of the WD drive I do get a flickering activity top green light.
  • The bottom link light stays green for about 5 seconds, goes out completely for 2 seconds, then comes back on. The pattern repeats. During the “on” 5 seconds, the front drive light is blue. When the white light comes on, the link light goes out.
  • When the link light is green for those 5 seconds, I get a solid green light at the router. When the link light goes off (and white on), the router light goes off.
    I tried the usual things - replaced my data cord, plugged the WD drive into a different router port number, disconnected the power of the WD drive then back on, unplugged my router and cable modem power to reset both. Everything connected to a UPS. I also tried connecting WD straight to a wall outlet (no different result). I also tried to run the software CD installation disc, but it couldn’t find the WD drive. I downloaded the WD utilities software to try to diagnose the drive, but it also couldn’t find the drive.
    Has anyone had these symptoms or make a suggestion? Any help is appreciated!


Try connecting the Ethernet cable directly to the Ethernet port in your computer bypassing the router. Also, connect the power cable directly to the wall outlet.

Once you have both cables plugged in, perform a reset on the drive again:

G_Ryan thanks for the tip (sorry I took so long to respond) but that didn’t work. The lite sequence I mentioned still happens no matter what I try (directly plugged into the computer - power plugged into a wall outlet). I can’t get a solid green out of the drive at all. Doing a reset appears to have no effect. Other than taking it to a computer repair center, can I try anything else?