My Book Live 2TB Cloud Storage Network issue

I set up my cloud Storage and put up multiple accounts (Myself, admin, and my Dad) when I try to use one of the files I created it asks for my network password. MY ISP is AT&T and the PW for me to usually connect to my Network is on the side of my Modem. I’ve tried the SSID (As Username) and the normal password, but nothing. I’ve tried all of the accounts I created and nothing.

I have a choice to either connect to CHRIS-PC or to use another account. No matter what I do it always jsut pops back up and asks for my Username and Password. I also have my Password Protection Sharing off. I can not connect and I am started to get frustrated. What do I do?

Well, to anyone else having this issue:

After typing it and reviewing my Advanced Sharing Settings. I saw something called “Homegroup Connections0 At the bottom. The setting was set at “Allow Windows to manage Homegroup Connections (recommended)” so I decided to change it to " Use user Accounts and Passwords to connect to other Computers” Which made me log off and then relog. After that the Password i use to log in to my computer worked and I got in.