My Book Live 2TB can't be found Macbook Pro

Hi, I purchased this drive and followed the instructions. Using the downloaded software it is unable to locate it. I rang support and they stepped me through adding it to Finder so now I can drag and drop files to it wirelessly however I still cannot get it to be seen via the software. I have several mobile devices I need to provide access but when I use the WD2GO software it asks for an Activation Code. Any ideas please.


The activation codes are available through the dashboard of the drive. if you were able to add the drive to the finde, means that the drive is available in your network.

Please refer to page 96, 97 and 98 of the user manual for more information on how to get the activation code for the WD2Go

Also check the link below on

How to access files on a My Book Live using WD 2go on a mobile device

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Thanks for heads up. The pages didn’t quite fit what I was looking for but it did draw my attention to setting up launch pad and I was easily able to do this when I found out what the mybook ip address was. Cheers