My Book Live 2TB-Blue light - need to get my data off before it is replaced

I bought the above and within 3 days got the blue light. WD have confirmed i need a replacement however PC World want £80 to retrieve all my data thats on there and WD wont pay for it…about time they offered a data recovery programme and it seems this is a common thing

I have got the drive out of the casing and put the drive in my desktop (windows vista) 

Ive googled etc and have tried Ubuntu bit i got a error message when trying to open the drive. 

Im not a PC ■■■■■ but im not a PC know it all either…Im currently trying the MiniTool Data recovery program and it is scanning the drive atm but where do i go from there…i.e. which folders does it store my data??

Any help would be most appreciated



Data recovery requires advanced knowledge. if your data are highly valuable, and you are not sure what you are doing, you can make it irrecoverable.  My suggestion is to take the drive to a data recovery company.