My Book Live 2TB Back up question


  This is the first NAS system I have worked with. I installed it for a client and set it up. I am backing up individual folders on two PCs and it looks like it is working but my question is how do I see the actual files on the NAS. When I open the drive all I see is the public folder and another folder I created and shared as public?

I want to be able to periodically check to make sure the directories are backing up and verify the dates of the back ups.

Also as a side note when I discovered the drive when installing the software it automatically installed the mapped drive but it maps directly to the public folder. Now that I have created other shared folders how do I change that to show the root of the drive instead of just the public folder?



there is no “root” folder to show.  You can map to individual share folders you’ve set up, depending on if they are public or private with a password.

Are you using the included SmartWare software as your backup software?  This backs up to a hidden folder, but you can verfiy by navigating to \mybooklive\smartware