My book live 2T - REAL PERFORMANCES with MAC BOOK PRO : Ethernet - WI-FI - USB 2.0

Hi everyone,

I would like to share my experience with My book Live 2T (Product Firmware: 02.32.05-046) and my MacBook Pro 2,4 Ghz Intel Core i5 with 4 GB RAM (1333Mhz DDR3) with OSx 10.7.5

I try uploading and dowloading a 1024 MB (= 1 GB)  .bpm file using Ethernet, Wi-FI and USB 2.0 port

Results with Ethernet cable:

directly connected with Mac

40 sec for Upload = 25,6 MB/s

20 sec for Download = 51,2 MB/s

Results with WI-FI

using a NETGEAR DG834G v2 teorically with max speed 54Mb/s = 6,8 MB/s:

7 min and 40 sec = 432 sec for Upload = 2,4 MB/s

12 min and 36 sec = 756 sec for Download = 1,4 MB/s

Results with USB 2.0

using a LACIE Brick Desktop 1T Hard Drive

40 sec for Upload = 25,6 MB/s

31 sec for Download = 33,0 MB/s

So I experience some difference with Ehternet and USB only for dowload (Ethernet is 55% fastest).

With Wi-FI performances are so bad!!!

10,7 times slower for Upload (Ethernet and USB 2.0)

36,6 times slower for Download (Ethernet) and 23,6 times (USB 2.0)

This means that if you download 1 GB with Ethernet you need 20 seconds, with  USB.20 you need 31 seconds, with WI-FI you need 12 minutes and 36 seconds!!!

Maybe with a better  WI-FI router performances improves, but… that’s approximately what to expect!

Let me know what you think about it.



Thanks for sharing… Better routers should improve the transfer speed

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I am just installing a my book live duo 6T as strictly a backup for 35,000 photos on my iMac.  It is so… slow but I wanted to just ethernet from MBLD  to the iMac.  Couldn’t find any info in manual to the contrary but nothing that said I could/should.  Any thoughts?