My Book Live 1TB

Hello all, i am having some issues with a brand new my book live 1 tb i recently purchased. I set up the nfs drive in long island within my parents house hold, a way to send/receive files. However, i am having issues sending files from my computer in manhattan. I log in to wd2go, access the drive and i seem to be able to see the files fine. Some files such as nfo/txt files i am able to read as well. However, the bigger files, home movies and such im unable to. My biggest issue being with the transfer of such files. I am able to transfer smaller files just fine but when the files are over a certain amount (600mb +) it seems to run into a wall. It transfers until the last second, in which it states “5 Seconds remaining” and stands put for eternity, does not move at all. I cancel it and again, just causes issues for my computer; must force the program to shutdown.

I do not seem to understand what is occuring? Why am i unable to use the personal cloud service of the drive, why cant i transfer files to my own drive on the go?

Thank you all in advance!

I forgot to mention that it stalls my computer. Once i cancel the transfer, any functionality or access to my drives disappear. If i try to restart, it stalls at the “log off” screen.

Any idea what i may be doing wrong or have not done? Im new to network drives, first run through with one

Help is greatly appreciated