MY Book Live 1TB not detecting

Hi All, have one 1tb my book live for few years, is now not able to connect. If flashing with green lights every few second. Tried WD discovery but cant detect the drive, also tried 4 second reset but still not able to connect. When i plug on the power i can feel the hard disk is spinning, tried other network cable else well but still not able to connect. any suggestions? Thanks

Yep. I hear ya. Iyou try repeatedly over and over and over… and download the software… and in furstration try to contact tech support. you don’t recall registering before, but must have, so you ask to have your password rest. they will email a reset to you. when?.. well that’s a good question. I suspect next week sometime.  In the meantime, however, if you do get it to mount, it now wants a password. You don’t ever recall giving it a password. you know it worked before & never required one. so you search the logs & find that if it’s prompting for a password and you haven’t assigned one, then you simply leave it blank… at least according to the tech suppoert Q&A… but guess what, that doesn’t work either. so you unplug it, slam it to the floor and then dig out the largest hammer you can find and smash it to bits over a storm sewer. Really, It’s a linberating feeling. I just got done, not even an hour ago kissing 3TB of scrap goodbye. I chalk it up to the high price of education. Lesson learned: I won’t be purchasing another Western Digital device EVER.  Sorry this provided no relief toyour specific problem. But it sure felt good to get that out.  PS  I’m on a Mac as well