My book Live (1TB) memory help

how do i store the memory from both my laptop and desk top onto the 1 TB external hard drive? thats what i want it to do i backed up my desktop and basically the same stuff is on my laptop all i care about it my itunes music movies apps…etc please help. my laptop and desk top total memory put together is 200GB 50 laptop 150 desktop the only memory i want used up on both computers is the OS. - also how do you activate your xbox360 too the hard drive?

Never trust your important data to one physical drive internal or external. The forum is full of people here that did what you want and had a problem. Your data needs to be in more than one place to be safe.


but i just need more memory on my laptop to upgrade to windows 7 and thats what i had hoped to do w/ this external HD

That’s fine if you want to gamble. All you need is to tip the drive over from standing position or have a power outage or have the cable come loose and your data will be lost. The best thing in your case is to use 2 drives. If data is on the Desktop and the external both you should be OK deleting from laptop but you want it stored on two different drives.


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