My Book is a piece of garbage

I purchased a My Book 2TB external hard drive a little over two years ago.  It crashed after one year.  WD sent me another at no charge.  This one has now crashed after a little over one year.  Their website says it is out of warranty.  I guess their products only lase one year.

I tried to send an “e-mail” through their support page and i continue to get an error message.  I don’t believe my messages are going through.  If anyomne can sense my total frustration, ytour senses are correct.

We understand how frustrating can be to deal with a failed drive.

Can you please provide more information about the issue that you are having?

Maybe the Community can further assist you with your drive.

What is the error message that you get when you try to contact support?

Thank you for your reply.  My external hard drive just blinked on and off.  I could not find it in explorer and it was dragging down my resources.  These are the same symptoms I had with the previous My Book that also only lasted a little over a year.

As far as the error message, I was on the WD Case page trying to create a new case.  I filled in all the correct information and selected NEXT (I believe that is what it was) and the next page came up telling me something like: Error - cannot leave field blank.  I don’t recall verbatim.  All I know is it tried several times using different selections on the Case page with the same result.

Unless you are able to offer me warranty replacement for this piece of garbage, I’m no longer interested in WD products.  Thank you anyway.