My Book Install

I am returning My Book essential and will install replacement to my desk top Dell PC running Windows XP Pro. I had a lot of issues over the 1st 4 months with a number of issues. My level is beginner and trying to learn how to manage my empire rather than pay, and pay, and pay. This was my 1st ext drive and I am astounded at the negative feedback on this forum about the performance because given the right environment I will screw things up. Astounded by the redundancy and assumptions that are made in support/instructions etc. It amazes me when an install goes right. So. I want to get some advice on the best way to undertake this second chance. My problems were probably based on my system issues and  started out where we had to rename the drives of my book from F to Q and the firmware from E to R. This was after I was asked to eliminate any DLA and another suffix to eliminate blue screens. It seemed to be inconsistent in operation but not enough to return it until I had to reinstall my OS. Then it got really bad and did not work with a lot of extreme behaviors such as not “discovering a drive” locking up, buttons graying out and screens not indexing. I guess is that I need some advice on the install and what elements that indicate trouble . Any thoughts world?


Installing an internal drive is not such a complicated task, however it could be tricky you need to know how to solve the issues that could show up at the moment of installation. There are several things that could happen one of then for example is the BIOS not seeing the hard drive, in that case you need to check your BIOS version, if your computer supports the drive capacity, in case of an IDE drive you need to verify the jumpers. 

Anyway, you can try to install the drive, however since you are new to the installation process keep another computer with you so you can go online and search for any tricks in case you get stuck.