My Book information hard to find

Is anyone using the My Book external backup attached to the WD Ready view NVR?
It’s advertised right on the box yet I don’t see any information on it.

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It can only be use as backup. You need to manually backup your files. The backup will be slow as your internal hard drive doing the write and read if you backup a lot of files.

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I am backing up all 4 TB to a 5200 RPM external drive. It is going to take over 6 days!!!
Any ideas why it is so slow?
Also, I filled up the 4TBs in 30 days, not the 120 days advertised on the box. Any ideas why?

It is depends on what you record and at what resolutions. I record only motions and cross line. It can fill up my 8TB in 3 weeks at max resolution.

Thanks for the information. Keep suggesting such post. Keep sharing such informative post.

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