My Book = Huge Flash Drive?

I bought a My Book for my Mac because I filled my apple up with so much music, that it harmed its performance. I was hoping keep all my music on there and have the luxury of accessing them on itunes without having my computer overloaded… I get the feeling that the My Book is not capable of this?

A normally functioning hard drive can store as much stuff as you want without taxing your computer.

Maybe you should do some disk maintenance and defragmentation on your internal drive. It probably needs it since it is so loaded.

how do you suggest i go about doing that? any app recommendations?

how do you suggest i go about doing that? any app recommendations?

As far as disk maintenance/repair there’s a very good utility included in the Mac OS called Disk Utility. You’ll have to start-up from the OS X disc that came with your computer.

-just put the disc in,

-once it appears open your System Preferences from the little apple menu on the upper left of your screen.

-go to Start-Up Disk and select the icon for the disc in your drive and restart.

-Once it has restarted from the disc click through the first screen or two but don’t start (re)installing the system software, obviously. -there will be a Utilities menu at the top of your monitor. Select Disk Utility from that menu.

-once Disk Utility launches select your internal drive from the column on the left inside the Disk Utility window. Select the drive, not the volume. The drive icon is above the volume icon.

-click repair and once that’s done repair the Permissions also (you can repair permissions without restarting).

There’s a really good commercial app called Disk Warrior that in two instances repaired a drive that disk utility couldn’t, so you might wanna’ check that out, but most people manage with Apple’s Disk Utility Another app which repairs and defragments is Drive Genius.

For defragmentation an app called iDefrag is quite good also.

All these apps are simple and straightforward. Just launch select your drive and click the operation you want performed.

From what you’ve written I think that defragmenting your drive is a must.

Maybe I should mention that you won’t need to restart from your Apple disc to repair or defragment your external drives.