My Book Home 1TB on USB Server

No more desktop.  Moved my Terrabyte to a USB server which is connected to my router.  I do NOT have the WD software installed on the laptop.  Sometimes I can access the Terrabyte, but mostly not (Does not matter if it’s an admin account or user account).  Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup.

Laptop is wifes Vista 32 bit Fully patched through today.  MS Essentials AV.

I can not consistently get to the Terrabyte.  “MY COMPUTER” freezes when I try to access the drives.  As soon as I unistall the USB connection (add remove USB) “MY COMPUTER” works again.  Sometimes it even asks me if I want to format the drive after I uninstall it?!  I believe I have the latest firmware installed (is there an easy way to check?).