My Book From PC to Mac

My PC crashed and I just switched over to a Mac, how do I transfer everything from “My Book” to the Mac?  Thanks in advance.


Since the drive is preformatted for PC you will not be able to access it on mac unless you reformat the drive, however download NTFS 3G from so you can use the drive on Mac without formatting it

Does that mean all my pics, programs, etc are lost?  But I can format the external drive to back up my Mac?

The program he mentioned NTFS-3G is for the Mac so it will fully use the drive that is formatted for Windows. It’s on the Apple site. All of your stuff should be accessible after you install NTFS-3G. I think it will work for your Mac backup too but I’m not entirely sure I don’t use Mac.


your pics and your files are not lost if you install NTFS 3G on your Mac on you can download it FREE !! lol

I did the download, what next?  Remember, I’m not the most computer savvy, and this Mac stuff is new.