My Book for Time Machine and external iPhoto storage at the same time


I just bought a 4TB WD MyBook, my original purpose is to store the iPhoto into it as my Mac is run out of space. Then, there comes the TimeMachine about backup.

So is the MyBook RAID by itself good for backup?

And it is possible to have both TimeMachine and external drive on the same MyBook? Like Partitioning it into 2 Partitions, and 1 for TimeMachine and 1 for iPhoto External drive?

And when doing iPhoto External drive, is it just drag and drop all the photos to the MyBook? is there any build-in function from iPhoto for this kind of external drive setting?

Thanks if anyone can kindly help any of the above questions.

If you have a My Book model that supports RAID configurations, if you use it as a RAID 1 drive, it will cut the available space in half and it will make an automatic copy of anything that you save it it. You can not device the hard drive on two logical partitions. You need to check the iPhone help file for the best way to transfer your pictures.