My Book for Mac updated and not working properly

downloaded and installed update. When performing back up it stopped in the middle and said file full. Unplugged unit and when it turned back on I had to reinstall the software. When the my book logo shows on the screen it now has a circle wtih a

gauge that goes from green to red with the pointer in the red. It does perform a backup however when I run a diagnostic the quick smart and quick drive are good. The complete drive test stalls on 10% and then cancels. I have 1.7TB free. Should I erase the drive and start over?

The logo with the circle and the gauge is not an indication that you have a bad drive, this is the icon that indicate that you installed the WD Turbo Drivers, it is pointing to the red as an indication of performance.

I know this cause it happens to me to, I installed this drivers and the icon of the drive change, I was going crazy, the drive was working fine. I called WD support and they explained this to me, I look for the drivers, uninstalled and the icon went back to normal, reinstalled and it change again.  :smileyvery-happy:  **bleep** WD, I almost die of a hearth attack and I suppose that the nice tech guy have a good laugh at my expense…

Thank you for the info.