My Book for Mac Problem

Hello, I have a Mybook for Mac and I am using it on a PC. It has been working wonderfully until I accidently drop it from knee-height.

The symptoms:
-Immediately afterwards I lost power to the hard drive, when i try to plug the power supply in and plug the usb cord to my computer the light won’t show up.

-After 2 minutes, the lights came on and flashes.

-My computer detects a new hard drive now and is installing the hard drive again (It worked perfectly before).

-After installing the hard drive, when I open up My Computer. My laptop can’t see the hard drive.

-I went to disc manager and uninstall the driver and it AUTOMATICALLY reinstalls the driver again.

-Now when I go to disc manager I can see the driver installed and connected and it says its working properly. However I still can’t see it on My Computer.

NOTE: The hardrive still spins when I plug in the power supply and then the sound stops after a minute or two. ( I don’t know whether or not it stops spinning cuz I am not using it, or it doesn’t have enough power to keep on spinning.)



It’s probably shot and beyond do it yourself fixes. Professional data recovery might some data back bit it’s expensive.


What do you mean shot??

I forgot to add that, right after I dropped it. I immediately try to open up the fills and it can still open all the files that I in the folder, but after a short delay the hard drive disconnects and stops working. I am thinking maybe the power adaptor is broken because it was dropped due to tripping over the power supply wire. 

When they get dropped the heads or platters or both can get damaged. Check out the links in this post and the videos will help explain how drives work.