My Book for Mac no longer showing up

I recently purchased a WD 14Tb EasyStore for my iMac. This is an expansion of my system. I also have a WD 3Tb My Book on my system as well. This is the one I ned the help with. I shut down my system, unlogged everything, added the new HDD, plugged everything back in and started my system back up. Now, my My Book drive will blink once and that’s it. It does not show up in my finder or my system at all. If I unplug it, it blinks once, and nothing else. What did I do wrong? This is the drive that pretty much about everything I have on my system is stored. I am a photographer and this is the drive that all of my images are on for the past 9 years. I was getting the new drive to transfer all my images over to so I had more space since my file sizes for my images are so large. Now I can no longer access any of my photography work. Can anyone help me figure out why my My Book drive is no longer doing anything? It is plugged directly into my computer. Not into a USB strip. I will put that out there before anyone says anything about it.

Never mind folks. I found the problem myself. I also have another external drive on my system that is a backup only drive. It is a different brand. When I plugged everything back in, I accidentally swapped the power cords between the other drive and my My Book. I didn’t think anything about it because I thought they might be the same. They weren’t. I swapped them on the back of the drives, and as soon as I plugged the power cord in, my My Book powered up and stayed on. Figured I would make this reply to my post instead of deleting my post just in case someone else runs into this same problem. This is something they can make sure they can try tottery to help fix their issue.