My Book for Mac, High Sierra and Time Machine?

Hi There,

I had a perfect setup with a “My Book for Mac” and Time Machine to backup my laptop running OSX Sierra. Now, with High Sierra, Time Machine simply aborts somewhere and the backup is not done.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) running high Sierra (10.13) it can mount the drive fine. it is attached directly on the laptop. The drive is formatted Mac OS Journaled.

Time Machine stop somewhere after it starts copying files.

my last backup is when I was running Sierra.

any idea how to make this to work again? or is it just me?!

Could have been me… I checked “Backup Automatically” instead and of doing it manually (not WD fault here) and increased the screen saver to “never”. Not sure if any of this helped. But the backup completed fine now.

That’s interesting. Particularly the bit about increasing the screen saver to"never".

Thanks for posting back with your solution.