"my book for mac" does not show in win xp

i have my book for mac 3 tb external hard disk that works good in my pc that use  win 7 but when i connect that to another pc that use win xp sp 3 it does not work and i cant see any icon in my computer and disk management .

i downloaded driver form WD site and install it but still does not work .

if help i tell you :

the drive  detected as a USB device

the drive  seen by the Device Manager as disk drive

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows test result : 

Test Option: QUICK TEST
Model Number: WD My Book 1148
Unit Serial Number:
Firmware Number: 1019
Capacity: 3000.56 GB
Test Result: PASS
Test Time: 22:45:31, December 19, 2013

thanks for helping me 

It may be the drive format. 32 bit XP doesn’t recognize drives larger than 2 T. I think the WD format tool has an option to make it usable on XP. I don’t know how you have the drive formnatted now. A drive formatted for Mac won’t be read on Windows without software. A drive formatted NTFS for Windows is read only on a Mac.


 i only  format drive at the disk management  in win 7 and copy some data to move to my another pc that run win xp  . but as i said  win xp dont show drive in my computer !

I don’t think Windows 7 will format a 3 T drive so it can be used on XP. You need a third party tool like the one WD has that does have an option for XP. XP uses NTFS MRB drives for windows larger that 2 T need NTFS GPT.