My Book for Mac 3TB - LED permanently on - not mounting - quiet

My My Book 3TB is connected via a powered Sabrent USB-Hub to my Mac.
For some years I’ve been running Time Machine backups every couple of days.
For this purpose I switch on the USB port where My Book is connected,
it turns on, the LED flashes until it’s ready, and then I start a manual TM backup.
When it’s completed, I eject My Book via Disk Utility and switch the USB port off on my hub.
However today I noticed the LED is permanently on, even though I had not switched the USB port on via the hub. When I do it, the LED stays on, but I hear no sound from the drive and it does not mount on my Mac’s desktop.
I checked the hub, the power supply and the cable - all are fine.
Is there anything I can do?
What’s the average lifetime of such a drive when only using it for about 30 minutes every couple of days (often even weeks)?
Many thanks.

Hi @coxorange,

Please refer below link to contact proper support team for more trouble shooting: Support Login

Thank you. Please answer here. (I tried to set up a support account, but since I don’t have a mobile number, this was not possible.) Thanks.