My Book file transfer

I am the proud owner of a new iMac having recently come over from the “dark side”.  I have from Christmas a new MyBook that I was backing up files from the old PCs.  Is there a way to migrate those files?  Apparently the MyBook is only good for Windows - is that correct?  :(

It seems like the drive is formatted NTFS, this is a format only compatible with Windows, if you would like to use your external drive on yout new Mac computer you will need to reformat the drive either to Fat32 or MacFS (HFS+) Extended Journaled, if you would like to see related information about this I recommend you to check the links below.!&p_li=&p_topview=1

OS X can read NTFS, but nor write. At least not out of the box, but you can install a 3rd-party driver to add writing-support.

NTFS 3G 2010 (Free)

Paragon NTFS (Commercial):