My Book external hard drive keeps shutting down

Good day,

I have recently purchased an external WD My Book hard drive. It functions really well when I’m actively using the computer, but shuts down very fast once the computer is idling.

I have already set the settings in Windows 10 to have the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” in the properties of the “Device Manager” as well as set the “USB selective suspend setting” to “Disabled” in the “Power Options”. I have installed the WD Drive Utilities software and set the sleeping mode to “Off”. However, the My Book still keep shutting down as soon as the PC is idle and turns back on as soon as I actively use it. It does go to sleep even if files are transferring to it if I’m not actively using the keyboard or the mouse of the PC.

How can I really prevent it from going to sleep or shutting down?


definitely sounds like a Windows 10 problem (don’t have this problem running Windows 7)

dunno, maybe try the 4th suggestion from this post ?

An external hard drive keeps disconnecting every time due to several reasons, however, there are few probable solutions to fix the issue. These possible solutions are as:

  1. Try other USB ports or system

  2. Use CHKDSK Utility

  3. Reinstall Device Drivers

  4. Run SFC Scan

  5. Use a Data Recovery tool

If none of the above 4 solutions work then try using a reliable data recovery tool to recover data from such drive because continuous disconnecting of drive may leads to serious data loss situation. Here, I can recommend Stellar Data Recovery Professional Software to recover your crucial data in case of any data loss situation.


As explained in my post, I already did those steps. Thanks.

If possible kindly contact the drive’s customer support and consult with them once regarding the issue. Hopefully, they may share any better solution or also check if they can help with the replacement in the worst-case scenario.