My book external drive does not show up in my computer

This may sound weird but I have an older Maxtor drive the wasn’t working and I searched the forums and found a person that said the power supply was bad and he replaced it and his drive worked. Well I just bought this MY BOOK to replace that Maxtor but the My Book did not work long ether for the same reason it would not show up in My Computer so I took the power supply from the new My Book and used it on the Maxtor and the drive worked, most of these drives use the same power supplies, I then found a old power supply from a different drive I had saved and used it on the new MY BOOK and it worked also now I have both drives working!! I hope this helps someone because besides being surprised that this worked It drove me crazy trying to get them working. GOOD LUCK:angry:

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dustty, this is a very clever discovery that may help Users in need, thank you very much.