My Book Essentials stopped working. With 2 years of Canon 1D photography of Kauai on it

To say that im livid would be an understatement. How can you pay so much for a product that doesnt last , has no damage and  is in mint condition. Ive lost 10’s of 1,000’s of photos on there. I spoke with the staff they said to purchas a new USB chord (Which I did) still nothing. If you Google “WD My Book Essentials Problems” … Pages upon pages come up. My question is ? Am I going to have to pay to have a replacement motor/drive put in? Will it be worth it if its just going to crash after a short period of time? And will I loose everything on there. If so I will never purchase any of these products again. What ever happened to good solid craftsmenship.? Sincerely , Erik (Pro Surf Photographer Kaua’i) 

What OS are you using and does the drive show in Disk Management? Does the drive spin up?  Let me guess this is your only copy so you didn’t have a backup. 


Hi Guys,

I have the same issue. 

Yet I have two drives not working. One doesn’t even recognise and the other doesn’t even allow time to open files before it drops off the drive list. Both spin, with lights etc. Just nothing else.

Bought for a macbook and iMac use. Tested to see if it recognises on PC. Nothing. Swapped cables etc.

About to crack both, just out of warranty, to try and swap parts to get one or both working in a mix match of shell. 

I’m actually considering buying another one (sounds stupid I know), at least then I know the board, power and cable will be good, so I can test the actual drives. Voiding warranty upon purchase to just try and find a solution to what is a misserable situation. 

I’m really dissapointed in what should be a simple device.