My book essentials power button

How do you make the book stay turned off without pulling out either the USB or power lead?

After powering down the book via the rear power button, rebooting the PC turns the book back on if the cables are connected. I want it to stay turned off unti I press the power button.

There must be a way to have a non-volaitle “previous power state” on the device?

I don’t think you can do anything about it. I wish there was a way to power them off too that didn’t need software installed.


I have the same problem also. Would be nice if you can turn on the drive when you want to.

This is the answer I got from WD :

The drive was designed to automatically turn on when you start the computer. Unfortunately, that feature cannot be disabled. You can, safely remove the drive from Windows then remove the power adapter connector from the drive.

As Joe_S stated, If if you do not have WD Smartware installed, the drive will power on automatically with your computer, I wish this was not the case, but there is not much that can be done…  :cry: