My Book Essentials, not waking from sleep

I’ve only had this drive for a month and it’s been doing this from day 1

The power supply is fine and I’ve tried different USB ports, the only way to wake it from sleep is to, unplug and plug it back in!

Any ideas???



managed to get it to work by unplugging the USB from my computer, unplugging the external HD power, plugging the HD power back in, then reconnecting the USB cable to my computer. To avoid it happening again i recommend turning the hard drive OFF from the back of the device before switching off your computer, and only switching it on once windows has loaded. Apparently it’s safer to do it this way anyways i remember reading but for reasons i cant remember.

Hmmmmm… but you shouldn’t have to do something like this, should be a case of, configure the backups and forget it untill you need to retrieve something, not stuff around with the drive to get it working.

If there’s no solution for this fault, I’ll just send it back an get a refund.

Thanks for the info anyway :slight_smile:

I dont think there is a solution to tell you the truth, i’ve seen the same questions everywhere with no answers really. There isnt a firmware upgrade which fix’s it either. I’m not in the position to tell you to get a refund but ill just say ive never had a problem with SeaGate externals. Not like the issues i’m having, anyways.