MY Book Essentials New User

I bought a My Book Essential 2T recently for my Dell Dimension with Windows XP.  Both the instructions and my first attempt at backing up lead me to believe that I can’t just go through my C drive and select folder by folder everything that I want to backup.  It looks like My Book, based on file extensions, goes through my non-systems folders and selects.  Is that correct?   One problem is that it didn’t back up any of my earthlink mail which is located in the Documents and Settings - Application Data folder with a mdb extension (a file that the My Book manual indicates is one that can be backed up).  It also appears (and it’s not WD’s problem I suppose) that XP’s backup program will only work with CD’s, DVD’s and Tapes.

On the other hand, I went to WD’s support area and it appears that I can choose specific files or folders to backup (or at least I could if I bought My Book Premium). I also got the impression from the support area that I could use XP’s backup progam with My Book.

Am I missing something here?