My Book Essentials Mounts then Disconnects

So I use this 2TB USB 3.0 MyBook Essentials as my backup drive–partitioned into two parts–and today when I updated Lion to 10.7.3, whenever I connect it and it mounts, a few seconds later it disconnects. I can’t revert back to my previous state before I updated cause, as said earlier, this drive is my backup disk. I’ve tried to see if it’ll work on other computers and so far it will mount and disconnect on every one of my computers running Mac OS and it’ll be completely fine on my Windows ones. The power supply isn’t the issue and so is the cable.

Anyone have any ideas to fix my drive until I resort to sending it in for a warranty replacement cause I have some valuable data there that I can’t go long without. 

Sounds like something happened in the firmware update. Try running it form Windows sometimes that helps. Personally I don’t do the firmware updates. Unless you are having issues the best policy is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Well I don’t think I updated the firmware for the harddrive, I just updated my computer’s OS and then it suddenly stopped working.