MY Book Essentials fails

Hi all,

I bought a MyBook Essentials in 2011, it was working fine till yesterday. It suddenly failed. WIndows takes forever to detect the drive. It is extremely slow to come up in Windows Expoloer.

Double clicking on any folder on the drive results in a message " The request cannot be completed because of an I/O error". I tried running CHKDSK and it reported that the file system on the drive is RAW. I don’t understand how the file system changes overnight.

What can be the solution to this? Is it a USB port problem>? or a cable problem?


As a recommendation, try testing the drive with a different cable. Normally I/O error is related to imput/output errors and it could be the cable or the USB ports either on the drive or the computer.

Also test the unit on a different computer.


Thank you for the suggestions. I had also raised a support case on the WD website. There’s no reply from their side. Does it take so long usually?

Sounds like the I/O err is coming from the disk mechanism, and not a cable or port or connector.