My Book Essentials Edition 2.0 not seen by WD Discovery

The My Book (WD10000H1U-00) did not show as on my PC in WD Discovery. My New My Book 4TB did show. The one not showing is a 2009 model it seems and on USB 2.0 port.

Thank you for the feedback. We are investigating your specific case but in general we will not be supporting older devices in WD Discovery.

Here;s the list of supported My Book devices.

I guess the My Book (New) that just came out should be added to the list then. Starts with WCC and shows? Probably needs its own heading? See for the new model of My Book.

I see a new version of the s/w is available. I’ll update it and report back if the My Book (New) is not showing with the newer version.

It’s there and already supported WDBBGB including the new Passport

Opps. sorry, I was looking at the serial number, you are correct.

That’s why I won’t use WD Discovery or your backup utility. I have many WD drives, purchased out of loyalty, and I feel that by not supporting older WD drives you are showing a lack of loyalty to the consumer.

Furthermore, the WD backup utility won’t make disk images. What good is a backup these days with no disk image?