My Book Essentials 3TB USB3 drive. HELP PLEASE

I hope some one out there has an idea on how to crack this and can help as it is driving me mad!!

I have been having problems with my PC for a while now (blue screen crashes) so I decided to try and reinstall the os (win 7 Ultimate) and update all the drivers. I backed up all by data onto the my book drive which has happily been working for the last year.

The re install went well and I connected the my book drive to get at some of the backed up info that my wife needed but as I had not installed the usb3 drivers yet I connected the drive through a usb2 port.

It connected with the previous drive name that I had assigned it and worked OK. I ejected the drive then installed the usb3 drivers and this is where the problems started…

The dive when reconnected to usb3 port came up with the local disk title and the progress bar across the top slowly progressed to about 96% then stopped… Then windows explorer crashed after about 4 mins… I had to restart the PC.

I went into Device Manager and the drive is listed, if I interact with the drive in any way it the window goes unresponsive, if I go to Disk Management the program goes unresponsive and has to be closed and if I try to restart the PC, it will not shut down…

I have tried the drive back into a usb2 port and the same still happens… I have also tried the drive into a windows 8 laptop that this drive has never been connected to before exactly the same thing happens, so I know it has to be the drive!!!

Any help or ideas would be great


Try running a diagnostic on the drive using Western Digital’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

Thanks for the reply but i have tried this and the drive is not listed in the physical drive section, it is listed in the logical dive section as drive E but has no data regarding the drive in the window

See if you can delete the driver and SES driver then disconnect the drive and reboot system and plug the drive in again.


Before i had the thought of tying the drive in my laptop, i had reformated this machine a second time and installed windows again before attempting to use the drive for a thied time on a clean install