My Book Essentials 2tb

I’ve had this external drive for a few months now and no problems. then all the sudden it starts not wanting to access the data. It kept doin the not responding bit. Then I noticed every time I unplugged the usb cable the power light on the front would shut off. So I took the enclosure apart to find the usb/power circuit board is fried. What type of connector is the direct to the HDD? And where could I get a replacement board?



I noticed this is a controller card  4061-705089-001 Rev. AG. I have cheked all over google and cant find this card anywhere. Does anyone know where to get a card to replace this? Or if I could get a slightl fifferent version of this card and still be able to access my data?


If the boards is fried check the posts by fzabkar he has helped people make a temp repair and explained about tbe board numbering. You can look on Ebay or gamble amd by an identical drive and try switching boards. They change them constantly and there is no guarantee it will work. You can also PM fzabkar.