My book essentials 2tb wd smartware

i hate this software.  I set it up, did the initial backup. 

I can’t find an easy way to locate multiple versions of the files that have changed and been supposedly backed up by this drive.

I have used windows explorer to locate the initial files backed up but I cannot find where the changed files have been backed up.

I find this software not intuitive at all, I downloaded the manual and looked up how I can validate that my files are being backed up and still don’t see them. 

I don’t think this autobackup function is working.


I am about to go and purchase some software that will assist with a basic daily backup of a file.

Can anyone help?


If you want to uninstall the Smartware make sure you remove password first. There haven’t been many posts glowing over how great it is. I can probably count those on one hand.


Do you know if  WD offer me an alternative software? 

They have online backup but don’t know the details.  If you are comfortable with manual backup look at something like Sync Toy from MS. Basically you select say MY Pictures and it compares the 2 folders and makes them match. I use 2 externals for manual backups and a third one for images from Acronis True Image. I have my HD partitioned with system and programs on one and data on the other and periodically make an image of both. You can schedule backups but am not sure of automatic backups. Paragon and Easuse also have a lot of people who like them. I’ve restored my system from Acronis in about 15 min a couple of times.


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This is out of topic but I need your advice on Acronis software. I have used both WD proprietary Acrinis as well as trial version of Acronis backup software. And I tried to create a boot disk on both versions but only end up with a folder written to CD with some files in it. It wasn’t bootable. I like to know how to get this right if you don’t mind.

Thank you for your impeccable support on this community.

I’ll look later today when I have some free time. Did it mention making an ISO? It’s been a long time since I did that part. You may need to create the ISO then burn the ISO to make the disk.


No. It prompt me to insert a CD to create a boot disk.

Thank you


Well get ready to feel like Homer Simpson. I just made a disk and tried it. The disk created from their ISO is different than the one created from the program. Their ISO when burnt to CD boots straight into the app. The one created from program has an option that is not very obvious. Look on the right side it shows Acronis and under that you OS version. Click on Acronis Doh! If you don’t choose it boots to Windows by default. You might want to use something like Imgburn to burn disk.


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Thank you very much! I’ll give it a try. :smiley: