My Book Essentials 2TB not showing up on PC

We bought our EHD last June, and up until now, it’s been working fine. But, a few days ago, I went to watch a movie stored on my EHD on my blueray player and it wasn’t listed as it had been in the past. We had it as a F Drive and now it’s no where to be found. Not on my desktop or on the blueray player. We have it connected to our Dell XP and networking to our other two laptops. I have tried all of the suggested ideas; rebooting, reconnecting, trying it on a different pc, going into control panel to administrative tools to computer management then on to disk management. When I get in there, the EHD isn’t listed. It shows up as a USB and even comes up in device manager as WD My Book 1110. Can anyone please tell me what the problem could be and how to fix it? I have everything precious to me on that EHD! HELP!!

If the drive is showing in Disk Management the issue could be with Data Corruption, you should be able to CheckDisk and Defragment the drive as well, I recommend you to use WD Software to test the drive for failures, If the issue remains unresolved, a Data Recovery Software that can be found with any search engine would be helpful to get the data from the failed drive. I found a link that have been helpful to me in the past, you might want to review this as well.