My book essentials 2T shows only 111GB

Recently got a brand new My book essentials 2T, but was blocked, and the only help I could get was to eliminate it

I got the software , firmware update, which was the only one that could eliminate it, before it the disk was 111GB , but without access, also had to get the WD smartware and the WD SES

but, after ALL the works, the disk space is still  111 GB

haver tried everything

these screenshots show the disk status and driver install status

when I formatted the disk it says My book 1110 SN 5SL2TSS (is "1110 " an indicator of the size or something?)

is there any hope? I brought it to southamerica and the only help is through this way and the knlwledge database, which redponded promptly, but still suggested to go this way

thanks (and happy new year)

The 1110 is apparently a WD identifier, I just looked in my device manager. If you want to hide the virtual CD in an easy manner just go into the device manager right click and disable it for now. Where you have disk 3 in bar at bottom my 2T drive shows 1862.36 GB. The number doesn’t look right even with the language difference the numbers should match. Try to delete the volume and partition and reformat is all I can think of. Maybe a partition tool would work better, I see this free one recommended a lot I hope this helps


Try going into the device manager and right click on the drive then properties and volume and try clicking populate. See if that changes anything it should bring up more information about the drive.