My Book Essentials 2.0 is not working with Windows 8.1

Can someone please direct me to the proper driver for the My Book Essentials 2.0 for Windows 8.1?  My new machine will not recognize it and after trying to install the recommended drivers no luck.  I think i keep getting directed to the My Book 3.0 drivers.  Help please.

Additional details - The model is a WD5000H1U - 00.  I copied all my files over from my Mac book just fine. 

when i attach the USB cable i get a ding sound like it is recognized but nothing happens. I am unable to locate drive in my computur or in the back up options windows has. 

I tried installing what i think is the right driver and the SES and no luck.  when i reboot the machine i can hear the HD spin up.  my machine recognizes my seagate drive on first boot.  go figure.  I think if i get directed to the right driver that might work.

If the drive was formatted on a Mac it will not be visable on Windows . I don’t know if this will work for you or not it’s old.The only other ones I have seen are paid programs.


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Thanks Joe but that didnt work as i am on Windows 8.  I will have to go to a friend with a Mac and have them copy to the files to another drive.  I dont think anything else will work.