My Book Essentials 1T

Hello   Win XP sp3, MSIE 8, W.D. My Book Essentials 1T(software disabled) - running fine!

During a M.S. scan for updates I found an optional hardware update.

It has few details other than to say WD SES.

I checked my devive manager - WD SES device  which said all was ok and gave he date of he driver as 3/06 /09 and version .

I need some information because I always thought the M.S. updates were for the pc itself being Windows/M.S.;

Is thiis  update for  the pc driver or the WD driver?

Because I am not having issues, should I disregard this?

I have not installed anything yet and think I probably should not, not sure.

Thank you  

I don’t know what it is either. If everything is working OK I wouldn’t bother with it I didn’t. I rarely get drivers from MS anyway.


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