My Book Essential

Greetings to all, I have a My Book Essential and I am using it with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. I have installed WD Universal Firmaware Updateer for windows and WD SES Driver. When I hibernate the laptop for a while, with the external hard drive connected. The laptop will not reboot. I have to reset the laptop and then everything is fine. Whis is this happening ? Thank you. Ldxrunner.

This will only happen when you hibernate or also when turned off?

This sometimes is just a  boot issue and can be fixed by disabling some features or updating the Bios

check the link bellow 

Problems Booting a PC when External Drive is Connected

Greetings Wizer, What do I do when I am in the bios settings ? I would like to send kudos, but I do not see how. Thank you and kudos. Ldxrunner.

Look for boot from USB or legacy USB option

Try updating the Bios first since in most cases that does the trick.

You can update the Bios by going to website for the motherboard or computer manufacturer and searching for updates.

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