My book essential will not wake up from sleep


Purchased a 2tb essential to act as external PVR drive fitted to a dedicated HDD usb 2.0 port on a brand new samsung D5520 series led tv . Samsung TV’s run Linux kernel and uses an XFS partition to store the recordings.

The difficulty for me is that when  WD drive goes into standby the TV HDD usb port is unable to wake it up when the TV comes out of standby mode itself to prepare for timed recordings. The drive works fine (recording playback editing etc) if I am around to kick it into life by flicking  the power supply to the drive but this is a little impractical.

Is there another solution other than to bin the enclosure and put the drive itself  into an enclosure that responds to wake on usb?

seems a shame

cheers for any thoughts


having spent well over £120 I have had to spend a couple of hours booting  up in a version of vista for mircosh*t, managed to update firmware, then a lot of Cr*p concerning backing up and such, waiting for smartware to interogate my local drives, (which is none of thier business). Just to turn off sleep function…

I am now back safely in linux.  what a performance…  I was stupid to think that this piece of kit could work without cowtailing to microsoft corporation…doh

I think for linux users this is not worth buying, avoid if at all possible… and it is very noisy… beginning to really f*** me off.

this is a fail