My Book Essential WDBAAFxxxxHBK missing Partition

Hello friends, First of all excuse me for my poor English , It’s my third language .

I have My Book Essential WDBAAF0020HBK - 01 0611N /[Deleted] - FEJMLD/ 2 terabyte , comes preformatting as NTFS,. my problem started after backing up my data on Linux Ubuntu 10,

when i Plug it on windows the partition become RAW and the smart-ware cannot read my partition any more because it’s missing , so my friend advice me to delete and restore the partition again ,

when the software (ACTIVE RECOVERY) found the partition it gives me options, and I don’t know which one to choose

1.Basic/Dynamic MBR/GPT Primary/Extended

2.after choosing Automatic it report that I have to fix the" Primary boot sector" by duplicate “Copy of Boot Sector” or “Boot Sector Template”:

the fields are as follow:

Capacity: 1999695245312

Serial Number: 09BD-0F00

Head signature:NTFS

Bytes Per Sector: 512

Sectors Per Cluster:8

Total Sectors :3905654783

Index block Size:4096

Signature (55AA):55AA

MFT record Size:1024

All Above fields are identical in (PBS/CBS/BST)

These Below fields are different in each (PBS/CBS/BST)

Cluster MFT:2 / 786432

Cluster MFT Mirr: 786432 / 2

Hidden Sector:2048 / 63

(Links to Screen Picture Preview)

WD My Book 1110.jpg

Hello Mate,

I think you should go to the software support in order to get better assistance…

Does the external HD auto mount or mount ok while you are using Ubuntu ?

My guess is you need to create a seperate partition for your Ubuntu back-up stuff using an ext or ext2 partition. But I too would recommend getting advice from WD support.

Hi , I can’t find the software support  section , can you please give me the link if you don’t mind , Thanks for the help .

WD Support

Email and Telephone Support

Support for WD products in Linux and Unix

A Similar Issue in the forum archive      You can type in search terms to search for issues like you are having. Try the search option in the forums, archives, etc. 

Good Luck !