My Book Essential WDBAAFXX 4060-705059 Controller Board

Does anyone know where I can buy this part from? The USB port on the hard drive became detached ( and I got an electrician to re-solder it but the computer still doesn’t recognise it.

So the last option is to buy this part, but can’t seem to find anywhere that ships to the UK. I would rather not buy a new My Book just to remove this part and get my data off, but if I have to then what is the cheapest model with the same controller board?

You can’t buy the board and they are not interchangeable. About the only thing to try is find an electronics repair person and see if they can solder on a new USB port.


I have actually managed to repair this hard drive with a controller board purchased on ebay. Just needed to make sure the controller board numbers matched e.g. Rev AF and it was a simple case of screwing it in. The re-soldering didn’t work but there is hope for people out there with similar issues.