My Book Essential USB 3, 2TB - Unable to boot OS with drive plugged in

I was supposed to purchase a SeaGate USB 3, 2TB external but the store had sold out and they only had these externals left. I can now see why.

My problem lies with when my windows is trying to boot. It just hangs on the boot process, untill i unplug the external then windows will load fine.

If i then try to access BIOS with the external plugged in, BIOS wont load, and it will just hang at the motherboard splash screen. I fail to see why this problem has not been fixed, and it would seem that this problem is on-going and world wide. Frankly it’s rendonkulous.

One thing i noticed while browsing through the boot process is that now instead windows trying to boot from just my single internal HD, there is also the option to boot from this one aswell. [EDIT] it was the option to boot from my already existing SeaGate external, sorry i must not have read it properly :neutral_face:

And its an option i cant disable.

I’m gonna do a bit more playing around and probably come back and edit this post.

I’m very disappointed WD.

I’m running Win7 Pro 64bit. with a Gigabyte ud3r rev2 Mobo.

Go into BIOS and move USB after main HD for boot order. 


Hi Joe_S, i appreciate your reply.

Instead of explaining myself about my boot priority in BIOS, i thought i’d take some pictures :slight_smile:

As you can see in the first set of boot priorites, the problem doesn’t lie there…

Upon entereing the actual HD boot priority’s, the external WD external hard disk isn’t there either, only the current SeaGate external which is always plugged in, and i have no problems with.

I don’t believe this to be a conflict of external drives plugged in together, as now i have 2 USB3 ports with both the WD and SG drives plugged in. So if anything i think that it must be a software problem within  the WD drive that when it is being scanned upon computer booting, it must read something bad? I’m not to sure, im not a software engineer but it would seem a simple firmware update would fix thousands of people who have the same problem. I will keep this drive because i am unable to return it, but i dont think i will be purchasing a WD product in the future again, I’m sorry to say. If the company wanted to save money by not producing such an update to a (possibly) small problem they would be losing money by peope being disappointed in their products and not purchasing.

If you think there is any other way i could try and fix this without having to plug the device in once my computer is loaded i would appreciate your input.

[EDIT] I turned my computer off, and saw that the WD HD LED was still flashing, and i assumed it meant it was idling. When i press the power button it doesnt turn off straight away, but i have to hold it for quite a few seconds and that still does nothing… untill i then power on my computer then it turns off? Strange i know. But this seem’s to help a LITTLE bit, at least i dont have to physically unplug anything. Still, this isn’t really the solution i was looking for as i would prefer to not have to touch anything on the external and any more help or info would be appreciated.

It has been two days, i’m sure a moderator has seen this and has some idea of what i can do?

Also, now the device isnt even being RECOGNISED by my computer [EDIT] - managed to get it to work by unplugging the USB from my computer, unplugging the external HD power, plugging the HD power back in, then reconnecting the USB cable to my computer.

To avoid it happening again i recommend turning the hard drive OFF from the back of the device before switching off your computer, and only switching it on once windows has loaded. Apparently it’s safer to do it this way anyways i remember reading but for reasons i cant remember.

This is really ridiculous and frustrating.

I will bump my thread each day untill i can receive another reply. I know it might seem sad but i worked hard for this and deserve a bit better. Maybe even finding the answer will help others in the future.


Nickanonymous, Have you try to contact WD Tech support? 

To Contact WD for Technical Support

This may help

As mentioned in the article supplied by Yoske.

in 90% problem is enabled Legacy USB…

make it disabled.

I’m having the same problem, I posted a thread  “two harddrives won’t play well together”  My USB3 is a 3 tb… but I would be curious to see if you plugged your USB3 drive into a USB 2 port , With  USB legacy Enabled…  if it would boot .

I did have someone mention the bios boot order, but I knew about that already.  My guess is that you will be able to boot if you disable USB legacy.  Unfortunately  I haven’t had any other suggestions offered … hoping someone will.

Best of luck and which I could offer some advice

you can try to disable legacy usb

do not try that if you have an usb keyboard or mouse since it will not work

try to disable boot from usb and update the bios