My Book Essential USB 3.0 - safely remove problem

Well I bought the Western Digital Hard Drive My Book Essential 1TB USB 3.0.

And I have a problem. Somehow I just can´t format, safely remove or upgrade

the firmware on the disc.

The reason is that it still gives me a statement which says: The disc couldn´t be

removed right now, because it is still in use.

But I am not using it,  I have never even use it for data transfer.

Any idea?

I have a similar problem with MY Book Essentials USB 2.  I have contacted support, but until they respond I go into the Task Manager and terminate the WD Smartware.exe task.  I can then remove the hardware with no problem.

That’s probably not the right solution because I have even not installed the SmartWare yet…

Neither did I.  Apparently it loads when the drive is plugged into the USB port.  Check your Processes in Task Manager to see if WD SmartWare.exe is running.

I checked it out but nothing called like WDSmartWare was there… Any other idea?

Sorry, I don’t.  Good luck.

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But thanks for the try…

Please write me if you will get to know something from the WD support

Try two things…

  1. Disable or temp remove antivirus program.
  2. Try using USB 2.0 port instead of USB 3.0 port.

Will do.

But just to reiterate, the process, not an application, is only in Task Manager when the drive is plugged into your USB port.

I know what a process is, but unfortunately there is no. /When the HDD is plugged, of course./

I tried switching the antivirus offline, it doesn’t help.

I am using USB2.0 portt, not the USB3.0 /I bought it because I will use it in future/

I had similar problem (unable to safely remove …), spent hours to solve that - turning off antivir did not help, ProcessExplorer showed no process using the external drive …

Finally I ended up with uninstalling one piece of software after another, disabling uncriticall services etc … what helped me was to remove/uninstall virtuall PDF Printer that came with Software 602 Form Filler. I don’t know what this piece of SW had to do with the external disk, but now everything works fine.