My Book Essential Smartware Failures

This is about to drive me nuts or to destroy a mybook. I have been having the same problem, contacted support, and did exactly as instructed quite a few times: uninstall, run virtual CD Manager, run Firmware, Update software, backup.

As you know as a user, this is not a simple fast task and I’m dam_ tired of doing it every 2 weeks or so. What it does:

After completing a backup and all is fine with the displays of the Smartware Windows that show the data to back up and data backed up is fine…all is well. Sometime later (a week, 2 weeks, 6 days, you name it) the display comes up with both of the displays (data to back up and data backed up) are blank. Please see the attachments. I am very bummed and ready tp look for another backup software that works consistently. Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas what may be going on here. Please do not tell me to download the latest updates and install them as I have done this many times and I know what I’m running is current.

As you can see in the lower attachment the darn thing is telling me it’s ready to start backup but there’as nothing in the data to back up side.

I’m just lost.