My Book Essential Smartware Doesn't Backup

The WD Smartmware appears to recognize the HD drive but it does not update the data on my C drive or the WDHD.  The WDHD shows up on my computer as a drive, but when I click update in the software on my PC nothing happens.  It has been working OK in the past.  Firmware and software are current.  Additionally, when I click on the VCD (virtual CD) in My Computer nothing happens.  Any ideas

Ok, more info for the above problem.  When I boot up, the Smarteware Icon in the tray flashes and says “Discovering Drive…” , this continues and only stops when I click on it.  The software then opens, but appatantly it does not find the drive, so I can’t save.  As I also mentioned, I cant run the VCD in My Computer.  Im using Windows 7 and it recognizes the WDND