My Book Essential slowed my computer to a snails crawl

After installing a 2 TB My Book Essential my computer acts as if there is a virus on it. Boot up time went from 1 minute to almost 5 minutes and shutting down takes approximately 5 minutes also. The software seems to have taken control of my computer and at times cpu usage will jump to over 70% when sitting idle (while monitoring) and it is the WD software. When I try to release the drive thru WD software the computer literaly freezes and I have no choice but to force a shutdown. Also the power button on the back does not seem to work either as drive lights stay on when computer is powered off yet goes off if computer is on. I updated the bios for the drive and that did not help. My other (older) WD drives NEVER caused this kind of an issue. Well the old 500GB for sure and the 1TB did kind of slow things a tad. WHAT GIVES???

At first I thought the problem was because I did not load the software only the ses driver but low and behold the software has created even more problems. I noticed my bios is seeing the drive and I think the bios is trying to boot from it instead of the “C” drive causing a conflict and I can’t change that.

I bought this drive to replace 2 WD drives that failed in 2 weeks time: an older 500Gb and a newer 1Tb.  I was at least able to get the 1TB to connect andf transfer all the files from it to this drive, but no luck on 500GGB as the drive itself failed. It just clicks. Win XP Pro SP3, 4GB RAM, AMD 6400+ Processor. How can I cure this issue??? Too late to return the drive and buy a different brand. I think I’ve learned a lesson here.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support