My Book Essential PC on PS3

I am trying to use my 2TB Essential for an external HD to store Movies ect on my Play Station 3.

I am upgrading from a Passport, which has worked great, just need more storage.

The PS3 fails to recognize the Essential as a drive.

I am betting it has to do with the WD smartware.

I disabled it as discribed in the Knowledge Base  but the PS3 still fails to recognize the drive.

I followed the instructions from Answer ID 3825.

I am extremely greatful for any help…I don’t need a system backup.

I just want a straight External Drive to store data.



Take the Essential back and get an Elements.  It’s a plain ol’ drive with no Smartware VCD.

Disabling it only hides it from Windows on that computer… even switching to a different PC you’d have to disable the VCD all over again.

Thanks for that!

Is there an electronics store in the world that will trade

a computer drive that has been used?

I’ll see how understanding Uncle Walmart is.

Any other ideas?

I don’t know… despite all their other slimy buisness practices, BestBuy will take back hard drives within 30 days, in both the U.S. and Canada.  Same for most of the other electronics stores I’ve dealt with.

The Walmart Canada website doesn’t list hard drives under any of the categories that you don’t get 90 days to return (and especially not on the “Sales Are Final” list), which implies they’ll take it back up here.  Not sure south of the border.

The other option might end up just bricking the drive and will definitely void the warranty, so it seemed to me like taking it back would be easier.