My book essential partitioning

Can anyone tell me how to remove the partition on a WD My Book Essential 2TB. Due to a slight mishap the My Book took a plunge to the floor and popped out the hard drive. I managed to save the data but I am unable to repair the case. As the drive is still working well I tried to install it into my PC but I cannot remove the partition that was installed on it by WD. I have managed to allocate it a drive letter but it shows as only 1TB and a system reserved disk. It seems a shame to trash a perfectly good drive as I could really use the extra storage space. Thanks to all in advance.

PS I have tried to format the drive but windows cannot format it. My operating system is widows 7. 

Hi, try to use DLG to write zeros.

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Thank you for your reply Alucardx23. 

A very simple and easy fix, maybe i should stop looking for the complicated solution to my problems ; )